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VISUALIZER by Driftnote

"With the visceral use of only gongs, drums and vocals, One More Latch (Give It To 'Ya) feels like an homage to women musicians in the 90s that wrote or performed songs about their own sexual desires (ie. TLC's Creep and Janet Jackson's That's The Way Love Goes). Which for an all-women Filipina band near-explicitly, expressing sexual desire, is a point of subversion in itself."


 - Tricia Hagoriles, Filmmaker

VISUALIZER by Driftnote

"This is an ode to the younger versions of ourselves. A space we created to give ourselves permission to play, to celebrate, and affirm the goodness in ourselves and those we surround ourselves with. A love song to our community that builds us up, and continues to dream up possibilities of a queer Filipinx future."


  - Kat Estacio, Pantayo Member

VISUALIZER by Driftnote

"'Mali' is about limerence whose title comes from the Tagalog word for 'wrong' or "mismatch". This song captures the feeling of unsettled desire and intrusive thoughts about a limerent object. While ruminating and grieving about what didn't happen there is a layer of uncertainty and skepticism about how to move forward with friendship. Here the kulintang takes on an accompanying role while the driving guitar points down the winding road of country rock, with writer Eirene Cloma drawing inspiration from childhood favourites like Blue Rodeo."


 - Eirene Cloma, Pantayo Member



Pantayo are queer Filipinx kulintang gong punks based in Tkaronto, Canada. The ensemble combines traditional Kulintang music from the Philippines with contemporary influences and experimental sounds derived from their experiences as queer diasporic Filipinxs in Turtle Island.

In addition to the kulintang, the band also incorporates vocals, drums, synths, and other instruments into their music and performances. Their unique sound blends traditional elements with modern styles like R&B, pop, punk, and electronic music.

The members of Pantayo include Eirene Cloma, Michelle Cruz, Joanna Delos Reyes, Kat Estacio, and Katrin Estacio.

Pantayo's music is not only a reflection of their cultural heritage but also a testament to the creativity and diversity of the

Canadian music landscape.

Pantayo taken by Felice Trinidad

ang pagdaloy
by Pantayo

Eirene Cloma - Vocals, Bass, Guitar 
Michelle Cruz - Vocals, Agong, Synth 
Joanna Delos Reyes - Vocals 
Kat Estacio - Agong, Kulintang, Sarunay, Synth, Drum Programming, Auxillary percussion 
Katrina Estacio - Kulintang, Sarunay, Synth, Auxillary percussion 

Vania Lee - drums 
alaska B - Additional drum and synth programming 

All songs written and performed by PANTAYO 
Produced and engineered by alaska B at PURE//LAND 
Additional recording engineer: Matt Gauthier 
Mastered by Jeff "Fedge" Elliot 
Junior assistant engineer: Max 
Recorded at PURE//LAND, ARC Recording Studio,

Candle Recording Studio, Studio Z 

Album cover artwork by Em Esquivel 
Visualizers by Omar Rivero (Driftnote) 

Photos by Felice Trinidad


Released by Telephone Explosion Records

We would like to recognize the financial support of FACTOR,

Ontario Creates, Radio Starmaker, and Canada Council for the Arts

Click here to view 'Ang Pagdaloy' Press Release

Artwork by Em Esquivel


“deconstructing Filipino Kulintang music with a punk sensibility and gorgeous synth pop melodies."
"Blending atonal traditional percussion, electronic production, and Western influences including synth-pop, R&B, and punk, these eight tracks are joyful, resilient, and wholly contemporary."
“Pantayo is a sampler of the sound of the Filipino diaspora, and a field guide to finding defiant happiness even (or specially) as the world burns.”



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